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Great Value Club Membership!

Clubs that add the Rewards Club local discounts logo to club membership cards support local businesses and employment in their area as well as giving great value everday savings back to all club members.

Over 2000 local businesses across 10 regions now provide special member only offers to help support their local community clubs.

With club members sharing in over $120 million dollars in savings, you can see why local club membership is so popular. With the best ongoing offers in the market from the most established and respected businesses, it is easy to save $300 a year and can go well into the thousands. 

Rewards Club membership is FREE with membership at leading selected local clubs. If you are involved in a Club ask us how we can customise Rewards Club and deliver amazing value to excite your Club members.

If there is not a participating club in your area with Rewards Club you can join the Rewards Club direct for just $35 a year.

By combining the best clubs with the best retailers and delivering great results for both, you end up with the best local benefits program around. We welcome feedback from our members, clubs and businesses at any time.

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